Digital Therapeutic

The leva Digital Therapeutic is a unique way to train and strengthen weakened pelvic floor muscles to increase bladder control and avoid leakage.


You will not be charged if your prescription is not approved by prescriber.

*Not compatible with tablet technology at this time.

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    A Personalized Approach to Women’s Pelvic Health

    Stronger pelvic floor muscles may help reduce the risk of involuntary bladder leaks. Like any other muscles, your pelvic floor can be exercised and strengthened. The leva Digital Therapeutic connects to an app and illustrates the movement of your pelvic floor muscles as you exercise them to help ensure that you are performing a muscle contraction correctly.

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    Non-surgical option for leakage symptoms

    leva is easy to use – the your leva app coaches you through 2 sessions daily for less than 5 minutes each, in the privacy of your home.

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    To find out if leva is right for you, we encourage you to fill out our consultation form and talk to one of our licensed physicians today. Once they approve your prescription, you can purchase the leva Digital Therapeutic and receive it within a week.

    We’ve made your purchasing decision risk-free through the Money Back Guarantee. Contact the Renovia Women’s Center to learn more: (844) 614-leva (844-614-5382)

    The Renovia Women’s Center is committed to helping you reach your symptom goals. Don’t let leakage get in the way of your daily life. Let’s do something about it. Together.

Important Safety Information for the leva® Pelvic Digital Health System

Indication & Safety Information

The leva Pelvic Digital Therapeutic (leva) is intended for: (i) strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles; and (ii) rehabilitation and training of weak pelvic floor muscles for the treatment of stress, mixed and mild to moderate urgency urinary incontinence in women. This product interacts with the user via smartphone technology.

Important Safety Information for leva: Do not use the leva while pregnant, or if you think you may be pregnant, unless authorized by your doctor. Do not leave the leva in your body for longer than necessary to complete the training session. Do not use the leva in any other place in your body or have sexual intercourse while the leva is inserted. If you experience odor, fever, diarrhea, any signs of infection, or of an allergic reaction, contact your doctor immediately. For a complete summary of the risks and instructions for leva, see its Instructions for Use available at Renovia’s website.

Treatment with leva is prescribed by your doctor. This treatment is not for everyone. Please talk to your doctor to see if it is right for you. Your doctor should discuss all potential benefits and risks with you.

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